Since July 13th, 2022, dreamfire52 has generated a 41.88% return for investors.

dreamfire52 is arguably the most effective copy trade platform on the planet. Copy trading allows an ordinary investor to leverage the experience of our highly seasoned and motivated trading team. When we buy, you buy. When we sell, you sell. All of this is done automatically in your own brokerage account. Our team applies the hard work of research, strategy, sizing and trading, while the investor is able to focus on living!

dreamfire52 has two investing goals:

1) Beat every major asset class (i.e. S&P500, DOW JONES, NASDAQ, Gold, Oil, Bitcoin, Real Estate).
2) Make money in any type of trading environment whether it be a bull stock market or a recession.

dreamfire52 is currently offering a FREE month of trading.

By signing up today, the investor begins trading almost immediately. Creating a dreamfire52 account takes less than a minute. Some clients choose to link dreamfire52 to a paper trading account to try it with absolutely no risk. Others begin with a $300 account and scale up as time goes on. The investor has complete flexibility.

    "I've looked at all types of trading systems and robots. I've attended expensive seminars and read many trading books on how to beat the market. Nothing I've seen compares to the dreamfire52 approach. This program is pure gold!" -M. Larraga - San Jose, CA

passive income copy trade program for beginners with little money passive income copy trade program for beginners with little money

dreamfire52 Results

Results are posted every half hour. Our independently verified return since July 13th, 2022 is 41.88% Click the button below to view all verified results in detail.

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This fund offers a 30 day risk free trial period. Begin with real money or a paper trading account. No credit card required. Click the button below to start now.

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dreamfire52 Advantages

The dreamfire52 service is built to beat the market indices. It has the following selling points:

Leverage over 25 years of Forex experience

Beating the market averages is not easy and is very time consuming. This copy trading fund allows ordinary investors to leverage the abilities of advanced forex traders for a completely passive investing experience. Our strategy provides copy trading clients with professional, hedge fund-like service for a very reasonable 1.00% capital fee. No other program combines this combination of service and verified results.

Are you learning to trade?

Whether you are learning to trade or simply want a passive copy trading investment to beat the market, this distributed forex fund is for you. Beginner traders may learn from our experience. We are extremely transparent in our trading and happy to answer any questions from new traders. For those who simply want a passive income stream, our unique program is a perfect addition to help you reach your financial targets.

300 Client Maximum

In order to give professional service and support to our clients, we can only support a maximum of 300 clients. We are looking for a relative few who want a more aggressive investing return than mutual funds or dividends will provide. If you are ready to join our elite group with aims to outperform the S&P, DOW, Nasdaq, Gold and even BitCoin, sign up today. (See asset performance comparison here).

Excellent for Beginners and Experts

This passive income copy trading program requires no trading skills or experience. dreamfire52 does all of the research, risk analysis, trade sizing and execution while the investor does whatever it is he or she does best. It is designed for those investors seeking a passive income or another stream of income. The goal is to beat the market averages while providing a completely passive income and experience for the user. Our hedge fund-like service and reasonable fees combine to make one of the best passive income programs on the planet. See our Common Questions and Answers here

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